Revaluation Process Underway
WETHERSFIELD - Wethersfield homeowners should be expecting, or have already received, a mailing signifying the the impending 2013 revaluation year.

       The Town of Wethersfield hired appraisal firm Vision Government Solutions to perform a town-wide revaluation project, as mandated by the state every five years. The initial phase, Town Assessor Chandler Rose explained, is a verification of property information for the town’s records. Over the next several months, property owners will receive a mailer asking for a review of their property information. If there are any changes to the information, the mailer should be returned to the assessor’s office noting the updates.

       “If the changes are substantial, a staff member from the assessor’s office will visit the property to confirm and record the changes,” a press release from the assessor’s office said.

       The mailers will be sent out in batches by neighborhood, Rose said, adding the first batch of approximately 1,500 mailers have been sent out toward the north side of town, including the Nott Street, Cedar Street and Ridge Road area. This week, another 1,000 will be sent out. In total, between 9,500 and over 10,000 will be sent out, Rose estimated.

       Though there are no concrete changes that would prompt an inspection, generally major changes are interior.

       “If the existing property records don’t have a finished basement but in the return mailer they do have a finished basement; if one full bath and one half bath are on the property record but it comes back as two full baths,” Rose listed as possible examples.

       The information gathering should wrap up sometime in the spring of 2013, Rose said, and the information will be reflected in the 2012 Grand List.

       In the case of an assessor’s office staff visiting for an inspection, all staff will be wearing an identification badge, the press release said, and all homeowners are encouraged to ask for identification before admitting anyone into their homes. If a homeowner has a question as to the identity of a staff member from the office, they should call the Wethersfield Police Department at 860-721-2900.