State Grant Funds Additional Holiday DUI Checkpoints
WETHERSFIELD - Wethersfield’s DUI enforcement was beefed up again this year.

       The Wethersfield Police Department put a $29,550 state grant to use by adding patrols and 11 regional check points to the roads on New Year’s Eve. The grant, which had been directed toward DUI enforcement efforts during the holidays, allowed similar measures to be taken on Christmas and Thanksgiving this year.

       “A lot of departments get this grant,” said Wethersfield Town Manager Jeff Bridges. “It’s kind of a high priority for law enforcement.”

       Motorists encountered DUI checkpoints along the Silas Deane Highway, Route 3, and the Berlin Turnpike during the evening and late night hours, according to a press release posted on Wethersfield’s website.

       Implementation of these measures during holidays in the coming year, such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, is also covered under the grant, the press release said.

       The Wethersfield Police Department had 108 DUI-related arrests last year, compared to 163 in 2011, the press release said.

       “It’s always very helpful, to try to keep the community safe,” said Wethersfield Mayor Donna Hemmann.