Council Rejects Energy Deal Renewal
WETHERSFIELD - A restructured Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) contract that will allow the company to reduce its rates prompted the Wethersfield Town Council to reject a motion to renew its deal with Direct Energy Affinity at its meeting last Monday night.

       “I will say that Direct Energy has been a great partner for the town and its citizens,” Wethersfield Town Manager Jeff Bridges said after the bid to enter a six month contract with the company was voted down.

       The Council opted to part ways with Direct Energy Affinity due to the fact that CL&P will be providing power at a kilowatt/hour rate that is .5 less.

       “For the past several years, the locked in yearly rate was much lower than Connecticut Light and Power’s,” said Wethersfield Deputy Mayor John Console during a phone interview.

       While CL&P customers are projected to see a steady .07573 rate due to reduced electricity costs from Northeast Utilities, Direct Energy’s numbers are likely to change every six months, according to Direct Energy Affinity Representatives who spoke at the meeting. Direct Energy Affinity’s current rate is .0799.

       “There’s really no savings anymore as far as that goes,” Console said.

       As far as how the change will translate in dollars for town residents, it is hard to say, according to Console. He estimates that he saved between $15 and $20 per month on his own electric bill with Direct Energy Affinity. Although the amount of savings might not change with the provider switch, the inconsistency projected by Direct Energy Affinity could have been problematic, Console said.