High School PCB Abatement Work to Occur Over Holiday Break
WETHERSFIELD - The rest of Wethersfield might be gearing up for the holidays, but for the High School Building Committee, the winter break is just a tight window within which contractors can perform critical PCB abatement procedures--one of many steps in a $75 million renovation project that will add a new gymnasium, library/media center and music room to the grounds.

       What that means for students, parents and faculty of Wethersfield High School is that the building will be inaccessible to everyone with the exception of contractors from Fuss and O’Neil and a custodial “skeleton crew,” according to Superintendent of Schools Michael Emmett.

       All athletic contests and practices will be relocated, Emmett said. There are not many home games scheduled for the period between Dec. 20 and 31, the holiday break and the window of scheduled abatement work, and arrangements have been made to move practices to other high schools in the area, he said.

       The contractors had to submit two plans--one for the demolition and abatement for site specific PCB remediation for Phase 1 of the project, and the other for work on asbestos-specific materials. The former had to be prepared by Nov. 25 so that a review could be completed by Dec. 6. The asbestos plan was submitted the same date, so that it could be cleared by Dec. 2.

       The Building Committee is prepared in case things do not finish exactly on schedule. An air sample test is scheduled for Dec. 31, and if the results suggest that the building is still unsafe for students to return, residents will be notified of a re-opening delay through text, email and the School Messenger, according to Emmett.