Are they five or 100? ECS students dress up like they are a century old for their 100th day of kindergarten. Photo: Karen M. Rider.
ECS Students Celebrate 100 Days of Kindergarten
CROMWELL - When the kindergarten students at Edna C. Stevens school actually do turn 100 years old, they will have a remarkable day from their long-lived lives to reflect upon.

       On Friday, Feb. 7, Cromwell’s youngest students and their teachers gave new meaning to the well-worn saying, “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten.” Dressed as 100-year-olds, dozens of students paraded through the halls of ECS counting to 100 and cheered on by their first and second grade schoolmates.

       “It is so important for the children to celebrate how much they’ve learned since the very first day of school,” said Mrs. Kucharski, donning a sophisticated faux fur stole, old lady glasses and wooden cane. “They’ve all grown and changed in so many ways and we want everyone to recognize this, especially the students.”

       The parade of youngsters included dapper gentleman with curling mustaches and fedoras, and little ol’ ladies in PJs and curlers. A few children, wearing plaid, pearls and oversized watches, looked ready for a lively game of bridge (or, perhaps book club). Those not sporting a kerchief or rain cap wore Dr. Seuss style “100-hats” while the older children lining the hallways watched the parade through their handmade “100” eyeglasses.

       Mrs. Blicharz, also a kindergarten teacher, came to school with a wheelchair, just in case some of the “ little centurions” became overwhelmed with excitement.

       “Some of the children can get quite emotional,” said Mrs. Blicharz. “They know they have learned a lot and everyone is proud and thrilled for their achievement. The kindergarteners also realize they are growing-up and getting closer to going on to first grade; that can bring about mixed emotions and happy tears for any student.”