Council Approves Roof Surfacing Bid
WETHERSFIELD - The Wethersfield Volunteer Fire Department has been getting some upgrades lately--two weeks after an application for a grant that will pay up to 9 percent of the cost of a new fire truck, the Town Council gave the go-ahead for the purchase of the $766,245 vehicle-and a roof resurfacing will be the latest.

       While the town is looking to upgrade its fleet of outdated fire engines, it will also be making some improvements to the Volunteer Fire Department facility itself--a bid to recoat the building’s roof with liquid material was awarded to Trem Co. at the Dec. 2 meeting.

       “This roof is cause to more roof leak calls than any other roofs combined,” said Town Engineer Mike Turner during the meeting.

       Since 2007, Turner has fielded nine calls regarding leaks due to the building’s Yankee gutter system, which has allowed water to build up and drain through the roof, he said.

       The Capitol Improvement Program, (CIP) budget included $13,000 for the renovation, according to an email from Turner.

       The new liquid applied roofing material, should allow for smoother drainage given the absence of seams in the roofing, he said.

       “It’s an old architectural thing so that when you look at the roof, you don’t see gutters,” Turner said after the meeting. “So it’s all drained internally. The gutter is built right into the roof, so you can have water ponding up there.”

       The job will come with a 20-year warranty, and should add 10-15 years of life to the roof, according to Turner.