Cromwell\'s Donald H. Swanson, Sr., was recently inducted into the Connecticut State Firefighters Association Hall of Fame for his 59 years of service to the Cromwell Fire Department.
Swanson Inducted Into Firefighter Hall of Fame
CROMWELL - On April 9, the Connecticut State Firefighters Association recently inducted Donald H. Swanson, Sr., into the Hall of Fame for his outstanding service, achievements and contributions to the firefighting profession.

       Chief Donald H. Swanson, Sr., joined the Cromwell Fire Department in 1955. In his 59 years with the department he rose through the ranks to become the departments Fire Chief in 1975.

       Along the way, Swanson was promoted from a firefighter to fire engineer, to captain and second assistant chief position. Swanson’s position was then upgraded to first assistant chief. Swanson was then promoted to the chief of the department in 1975, in which he served until 1984.

       During his tenure in the department after serving in the role as chief, he then served on the fire commission for almost 30 years, as secretary/clerk and then as president/chairman. He was also chairman of numerous building and truck committees.

       For over 40 years he has been a member of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association, along with being a member of the Connecticut State Firefighters Irregulars Association. He is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and, in 1996, he was awarded Fire Department Man of the Year. In 1999 he was awarded the Cromwell Man of the Year Award, and was recipient of the Cromwell District Exchange Club Firefighter’s Award in 2004.

       Over the years he has served on numerous committees and town organizations, in which he dedicated his time unselfishly. Swanson was founder and first commodore of the Cromwell Outboard Association and also a founding member of Cromwell Grenadiers Jr. Auxiliary Fife & Drum Corps.

       Today, Swanson is a active member of the community, serving as an integral part of the fire commission and filling the roll of fire ground safety officer in the department.

       He is a credit to the fire service and his ultimate dedication and sacrifices made to his family shall not go unseen.